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​Private Limited

About Our Group

VijV Infotech Private Limited is an Engineering firm with a focus on Structural Steel Detailing. Since inception in 2007, we have successfully executed over 50 steel detailing projects for the commercial and industrial sectors.


These projects typically include Airport Terminal Buildings, Portal Framed Structures, Schools & Theater Buildings, Parking Structures, Office Buildings, Conveyor Gallery, Tube Steel Panelized System etc. Some of these are very complex, prestigious, fast track and landmark projects. We deliver services that are technology driven rather than business driven.


With our quality systems, trained Managers, Engineers, Checkers and Modelers from reputed engineering institutions and the most sophisticated 3D modeling software (Teklastructures) , we can offer fast turnarounds to meet tight schedules. Our core strength is the ability to collaborate very closely with customers and its highly dedicated and motivated employees. We offer intensive training and fast track career growth with a conducive environment that ensures enriching experience for its employees.

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Vision and Mission

  • With a focused commitment to our clients and our people, we deliver value through customized technology solutions
  • To add value to clients by assuring quality of solutions and services
  • We deliver services that are technology driven rather than business driven

Culture of Success 

  • Commitment to drive project on behalf of clients.
  • Extremely detail oriented throughout all aspects of fabrication and management.
  • Willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and innovate.
  • Ongoing drive to continually improve.
  • High level of integrity and business ethics.
  • Everyone and everything at VijV is important.


Our team members have proven their expansive capabilities, accuracy and high degree of efficiency on delivering error free drawings. With our systems, we have the capacity to detail 25,000 tons per annum at this moment.


Our team has expertise who successfully handled structural steel detailing work of Larsen & Toubro Limited, ECC Division (India), Gayle Manufacturing Company (USA), CIANBRO Fabrication & Coating Corp. (USA), JWF Industries Inc. (USA), Lyndon Steel Company (USA), Ace Iron Inc. (USA), etc.


Our Expertise Includes:

•  Industrial structures                 •  Airport Buildings                  •  Portal framed structures

•  Multi-Story structures               •  School buildings                  •  Theater buildings

•  Parking structures                    •  Conveyor Gallery                •  Tube Steel Panelized System

Core Offerings

  • Develop Engineering Design and Consultancy related solutions for clients
  • Anchor bolt plans
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Assembly and single part drawings
  • All material lists/reports
  • Kiss files, CNC data produced from Teklastructures